Sunday, September 06, 2009

Lie # 1

"I'm from the government and I'm hear to help you."

This saying is so old and so obviously a lie that we hardly even laugh at it any more.

I suppose that there are individuals in the government who are sincere in their belief that they are to help those they govern, but all too often it is simply a job with great benefits and security and they don't see their job as anything other than one continuous effort to make sure nothing happens to what they see as "their" job.

Governments come from either choice or force. Think about that for a minute.......
Ok. In all ages of recorded history mankind has tended to band together as soon as their brain had developed to the point that they could see the benefits of working together.
Some of course could see the increased security they had from sheer numbers as long as they didn't run into a numerically superior opposing force.
Others could see the benefit of increased productivity in either growing or hunting food.
Still others could see that they could use the others to more easily enable them to achieve their own specific goals.
Pretty soon this devolved from using reason and persuasion to achieving their goals into the use of force to accomplish same.

Bastait in his The Law makes the case that Life, Liberty and Property are gifts from our Creator and that we have an individual right to lawful defense of those gifts, and that further we can organize together to establish a collective defense of same, but can legitimately can go no further lest we begin to destroy the person, liberty, or property of other individuals or groups, or in the parlance of the "progressives of today" spread the wealth around.

So I guess that someone from the Government (the representatives of the collective right of self defense) could be actually coming to help you, but we should always ask ourselves if it is defense we want or force to enable us violate the rights of others.

Lets ponder on how we perceive the government we have today in the Republic we call The United States of America.

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