Monday, September 14, 2009

Why I don't drink

Well, technically I do drink, I just don't imbibe alcoholic beverages. (does imbibe give a negative connotation to drinking alcohol? Not my intent.)

It's just that I was looking at this

and contemplating the fact that it has been 40 years and 2 months or so (give or take) since that wondrous event and I really thought that we'd have at least a few people living full time there by now.

Forget the fact that it would be wildly expensive, I thought the driving effect on exploration and discovery would more than pay the freight just in the uniting and driving effect it would have on mankind. Besides......I wanted to be able to go there on vacation one day. Based on my intended goal of living 'til I'm 192 this means they only have just over 132 years to get it done. Time to get off the stick NASA. (I really think that it will be private enterprise that gets it done).

On an unrelated topic if I did drink I would certainly be hoisting a glass in pride at the number of people who went to Washington, DC (the Asylum on the Potomac) this weekend to exercise their 1st Amendment rights. some estimates place it at around 2,000,000 people. Makes me almost wish I had been there, despite my phobia about large crowds. (a friday excursion to Wally World to watch Wal Martians being about my limit)

We used to get silver images of liberty walking in our change back when I was a young sprout. I picked up a few $ worth today in honor of the past weekend.... just seemed appropriate.

Will the inmates in the Asylum pay any attention? Remains to be seen, but I'll bet there are a few incumbents who will have to run for re-election next year that are rethinking their campaign strategies. Possibly even giving consideration to retiring and drawing their (very generous) pensions the rest of their lives. Too bad we can't retire them the way I used to retire a Holstein when they usefulness was over.....I suppose I could have let them live out the remainder of their lives eating grass on the back forty, but that grass was reserved for producers....not parasites.

Well, I've vented my spleen for another evening, time to go draw the cover up here in the kudzu grotto once again.


US said...

Uncle Kudzu, Steve and I were just talking about how private industry really won't be next on the moon. Yes, they have great ideas and excellent plans, but some of the equipment can only be made in large expensive plants. That is why Boeing, Lockheed and the like will make the next rockets.

kdzu said...

Yes, these large PRIVATE companies have the facilities and means, but don't count out the small well funded entrepreneur. They, not the giants have always been the greatest resource of mankind. IMO

KeesKennis said...

I hate (detest) crowds but I would urge you to take to the streets and get rid of BHO.
The small companies will see me and you take orbitals and later my kids will book there tickets on the web.