Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chewing My Cud....

...or Ruminations on a Rainy Evening.

I haven't looked at the weather forecast lately as it would likely just depress me, although why that should be in light of the drought experienced the last three or four years before the present year is likely to be viewed by the Great Rainmaker as a bit ungrateful.

Instead I shall be glad that I erected the Shelterlogic polyethylene garage to work under just in time for the recent monsoonal showers. There....if they give you lemons...make lemonade.

I see that our home grown messiah what's in charge of the Asylum on the Potomac (MWICOTAOTP)has decided that it would be a good idea to regulate all of the financial institutions all over the world. You just knew that an ego that massive couldn't be satisfied with just telling the idiots who elected him in this country what to do, didn't you. Ruling 300+ million people is just peanuts compared to trying to control 6 to 7 Billion. Should be no problem for him, after all he did do legal work for Acorn before stepping up to politics. Oh yeah, he does run Government Motors, that sure gives him executive experience doesn't it.

Of course he has tax cheat little Timmy Geithner and helicopter Ben Bernanke to help him manage the day to day financial things that pop up now and again. Just throw $2,000,000,000,000.00 or so at the problem. That's sure to make it go away. No problem there.

On the other hand there are some who say that all three of these stooges are just puppets for the global bankers and corporate directors. (Never mind that the Big "O" did give wall street a severe tongue lashing a few days ago.) They aren't going to waver in following directions; just like all former presidents and federal reserve presidents in recent years. They've finally got us right where they want us. These gangsters want centralized power and 100% government control. A delicate task to be sure. First they create Chaos and then they have to tweak the controls juuussstt right else we slip off the cliff into something far worse if they persist and go too far.

We are seeing some awakening among the hoi polloi lately, but are they reacting to the symptoms or focused on the real sickness? Health care has never been a problem requiring the Draconian measures proposed, but it serves to enable the illusionists to distract us with their right hand while the left hand is doing all the real work.

For instance we could worry about global warming and all the hype being put out by Goremaniac. Click on the link.....would the Arctic Ice be increasing if we were having Global Warming? Or is this simply another bit of hocus pocus?

By-the-by WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!! The Swine Flue is going to kill us all. Never mind that the good ol' regular flu that comes and goes each year regularly kills many multiples of number of people who have died from H1N1. Let's give the government the authority to say how many doses of vaccine will be produced and...Oh Yeah....lets send them overseas before we start giving them to the people who elected us and pay our salary.
The wife had a case of flu this week and we could have all died, except that I took a couple thousand units of Vitamin C for two days and continued as usual except that I didn't kiss her on the mouth for about 3 days. Close call that. Turned my piss yellow for a day or two but so far I haven't grunted or started rooting in the mud.

Well, boys and girls, my face is getting a little tired what with all the chewing and the wrinkling of my brow. Guess I'll go back to surfing the blogs, maybe pay a visit to GOC to see his Saturday offering.

Till next time I'll stay hunkered down in my Kudzu Grotto (KG) counting my cans of pork and beans and wishing I could afford more ammo.


Jean said...

I do believe, my friend, that chewing one's cud is much like pondering....... is it not?

kdzu said...

Could be my friend, although I'm sure you probably don't generally foam at the mouth as much as I do.

the walking man said...

Just to answer your question posed and not to be overly I would not accept tens of millions in compensation regardless of my contribution to the profit of the enterprise. There is nothing I could do with 10 million that I could not satisfy with 1 million or $100,000 or $1.

If anything the huge executive compensation should be distributed as earnings for them who own the stock in the company because when you think of it they are the ones taking the risk.

kdzu said...

Walking Man I in no way meant to be disparaging of you or your altruism. Truly the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. It's just that I believe that if a companies board of directors, acting on behalf of the stockholders believes that the CEO or any other person in the organization is worth multiple of millions of dollars, it is no business of mine to dispute them; UNless of course I happen to be one of the stockholders.
Exerting yourself to build and grow any worthwhile enterprise should certainly be worth whatever the market decides your efforts are worth. THE MARKET...not an outsider and certainly not the government. To do so is to say to that person that the portion of their life they gave to the enterprise is only worth so much, no more, regardless of the effort and talent.
Thank you for your comment. I shall study more on the subject and perhaps have more to say.