Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A streak of light

Our beloved Messiah what's in Charge of the Asylum on the Potomoc MWICOTAOTP is being even more of an idiot that usual today, talking about a New World Financial Order (I told you he was only a shill for the international bankers) and telling us WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE because of all the carbon emissions caused by us, the citizens of the USA, and we have to do something right this minute.

So I have decided to tune him out for the moment.

Have you ever looked up in the night sky and see a shooting star?

Probably most of us have at one time or another. Many have likely also made a wish. I certainly have, although I can't remember even one that was granted.

Most shooting stars are caused by very small meteorites entering the earths atmosphere and burning up well before they reach the ground. Some are actually big enough to make it to the ground. I think I read one time that the weight of the earth actually increases by several tons each year because of the amount of space dust and other extraterrestrial objects that fall to earth. But I have never actually seen a meteorite live and in person until recently.

A friend has one that he's wanting to sell and asked me if I could check on eBay or somewhere to try to find a buyer. (Who knows what to pay for a meteorite??)

They say that everybody is generally only 3 or 4 degrees separated from someone famous or a politician or somebody who knows something about whatever you might want to know about. You know someone who knows someone, who knows someone.....
well, you get the picture.

So I ask my buddy James. James immediately gives me a name and promises to get me his number which he'll have to ask his buddy Don for. Which of course Don can't put his finger on and this drags on for a week or so 'til finally after about the sixth time asking James if Don came up with the number James finally makes the time to go through his book of contacts and finds me the number......of a man who knows everything about tektites....One form of meteorite.....just not the kind we have. But he does have a friend down in Florida who is an expert on Meteorites.

So I've been trying to get yahoo mail to load pictures I'd taken of the damn thing but it just goes round and round and never finishes loading. Freaking computer. I'll try again after a while when I've cooled off a bit.

While I'm doing that I'll just post a couple of the pictures here in case any of you dear readers happen to be experts on Meteorites. If you are......wanta buy a meteorite??

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