Sunday, September 20, 2009

Still Raining......

....But it's alright. Th' roof don't leak, the temperature is just about right, I'm rolling my feet on the Knot Knocker and listening to this classic from my young adulthood;

This time back then the wife and I were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first child. And when I say anxious I'm not exaggerating. I'd already received an extension of the date I was due to ship out to what would affectionately come to be called "The S.E. Asia War Games" and it was beginning to look like the kid was gonna be a no show before I left. (Don't worry, she arrived in time to keep me awake for the last 5 nights of September. After that heading over there didn't seem like such a bad deal after all.) We'd already tried the trick of driving really fast over the roughest rail road crossings we could find. But at last we found the trick that did it and early one morning we made the trip to the hospital. I had yet to turn 21 and had no clue yet that so far I'd learned absolutely nothing about life. (Some would say I not yet made much progress in that area.)

One thing I have learned??

The rain falls on the just and the unjust with indifference to both so better make the best of it.

Ya'll come back later, maybe I'll have something interesting to say.

Well......why start reaching too high at this point.


US said...

and that is why I am a month older than your dd when she was supposed to be a week or so older than me.

kdzu said...

Why niece, I had forgotten that.
Birthday greetings are in order. Congratulations and have a very happy B'day even though I know not the exact date, it has to be around here somewhere.