Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New things

Sometimes we get a little jaded with life. There is so much going on in the world and it seems that everyone and his brother has an interest in telling us about it today, what with the internet, TV's which run 18 hours a day, radios in the truck, etc..
It just seems a little too much sometimes and we shut down mentally to quiet the racket in our heads. Too often we find ourselves advised to take this or that nostrum which will set the world right again at some little price.

At least it seems that way to me, especially today. I was emailing back and forth with the tektite expert here in GA, and then this evening with the meteorite expert from the Fl Institute of Technology discussing ways to examine the meteorite my friend has.

Earlier today I was negotiating the purchase of what seemed to be an 18 karat gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Daytona model. It was in fact 18 kt gold, but turned out to not be a Rolex movement. Now why in the world put a cheaper works in an 18 kt gold case and bracelet. Well, the reason is obvious even to a redneck like me. To get more money for an object of lesser value. Difference.....$2500.00 to $3500.00 for the gold, or $12 to 15,000.00 for a real Rolex. Of course that is retail and I try to never pay retail for anything except good steaks. But still....some little excitements of no lasting value in the grand scheme of things.

That is until I ran across this jewel of a youtube video over at .

I sat here in front of the monitor simply enthralled with an exhibition of a sport I'd never considered before. Watch these two young ladies and see for yourself. For myself...I fell in love with their poise, confidence and grace. Just damn...

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your sister said...

very interesting, I guess when you don't spend your time bothering with worshiping the Creator and let your government decide what you should think and how you should spend your time, you come up with activities like this. As for myself and my daughter all we could say was "Why?"