Thursday, September 24, 2009

From time to time

there'll be a day when you want something so bad and know it's coming, but it drags on, and drags on, and at the end of the day it's still not there; and you're left with a woulda, coulda, shoulda feeling. A just not satisfied feeling, even though you knew you did all you could.

Today was one of those days...a day of waiting and anticipating kind of days. So I'm sitting here at the desk with an unsatisfied feeling.

Oh, I know, it'll show up tomorrow and I'll get 'er done, but the dust will still be in my mouth like a six day dust storm where the grit gets in every crack and crevice and you can't drink enough water to quench the thirst.

It's those types of days that cause you to set new goals, decide to strive a little harder, give just a little bit more effort, sleep just a little bit less.

I guess it's a human kind of feeling. The kind of feeling that changes you a little, somewhere down deep inside, and you know a threshold has been reached and you step over.

Probably doesn't make much sense...kinda like a lot of late night thoughts that seem so clear at the time but you know in the morning will be only half remembered and already starting to fade with the light of a new sunrise.

I was surfing the web over by the walking mans place the other day and he had a little post about some of the obscene amounts of money that some people are paid (think CEO's, Insurance executives, bank executives, talk show host's) and I got the feeling that he felt that some of these folks were over compensated to an obscene degree and I asked in the comments if he were one of those people getting paid an obscene amount of money would he would turn it down.

His response to me was one that started me thinking. I'll let you read it...see what you think.

"Just to answer your question posed and not to be overly I would not accept tens of millions in compensation regardless of my contribution to the profit of the enterprise. There is nothing I could do with 10 million that I could not satisfy with 1 million or $100,000 or $1.

If anything the huge executive compensation should be distributed as earnings for them who own the stock in the company because when you think of it they are the ones taking the risk.

It led me to recall something I read once upon a time or twenty (cause when you read truth you need to read it over and over until you under stand it)

It goes;

"One may not comdemn a man for succeeding because he knows how. Neither may one with justice take away from a man what he has fairly earned, to give to men of less ability".

So tell me, if you will......when a person is paid a high salary, with perhaps bonuses for performance and guarantees for producing is that person to be deemed obscene?

Oh, I don't mean the people like Bernie Madoff, or Ken Lay of Enron. They deserve the scorn and punishment they reap.

No, I mean the people like Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, his son Rockefeller Jr., and those many CEO's and top Executives whose salaries make most of us wish we'd studied a little harder.

Have we fallen so low that we can't admire people of achievement? Do we desire to pull everyone down to the lows that we might be at?

I've never earned more than $45K a year in my whole life and generally much less. Does that make me a better or worse human being than someone like Bill Gates whose net worth is more than many small and some not so small countries around the world? Does that make me an enemy of those who make more than I? Does that mean that I have to hate them, to ridicule them, to try to topple them?

Who employs more people, is responsible for creating more jobs, gives more to charities?

Who decides? You?


Paladin said...

Man... glancing through the comments, I just had to shake my head. All the cries of "It's not Fair!"


Jean said...

I just don't understand those who think there should be a cap on what someone has worked hard for. And, then be forced to 'share' anything made over that with.... whom?
and, why? Just because they breathe?
So then, where is the incentive to think and create and progress?
Some of the people who think this way are dear friends but, holy cow... I have to admit, it scares me.

kdzu said... amazed me too. But, as I look back I can't say that it surprises me. Distresses, yes, but surprises... unfortunately no.

A guy named Gary North wrote a book back in the 80's called "The Politics of Envy". In it he explained the difference between envy and jealousy.
If I'm jealous, I want what they have. (maybe I'll determine to work harder so I can have it too.)
If I'm envious, I want what they have and don't want them to have it even if it means I can't have it either. A mental aberration that affects all too many of our fellow humans, although I'd as soon not be classified in the same genius with them if it could be helped.

Jean...well said. However I'll not have a friend who thinks that way. I'll be cordial to them, even pleasant, but I'll still think of them as mentally defective and possibly infectious, so will keep my distance.
It may lessen the # of friends but I'll feel better about the ones I do have.