Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Catching my breath

It's been a little busy here around the KG (kudzu grotto) this the first week of the New Year.

It's also been cold and windy. Nothing like they are having in the upper tier of states of course ..... I'd swear that no one with any good sense would live up there, but my Niece, who sent me the link to a great video and story about our troops overseas and the ideals they strive to live up to (see Here) and others like the indomitable and delectable LL, live there year round so the summer must be pretty nice to make up for the fug-ugly winter weather. It feels like the proverbial 'Witches tit in a brass bra' to me down here so up there must be colder than a well diggers ass in the Arctic.

Still we plug along.

Oh yes.........2 days ago the wife and I entered into the 43rd year of wedded bliss... I know...we started out as babies. Good thing we didn't wait till we knew better, I might have missed out on much joy. We went to the local steak house where I had a salad and lots of red meat cooked just enough to turn the inside a little pink. My contribution to the anti-PETA efforts.

For the wife's Christmas present last month I bought her enough laminate wood flooring to do the living room and get rid of the carpet I continually track mud upon. Can you believe how much dirt stays in a carpet? So for our Anniversary I bought enough flooring to do the hall floor also.

Not romantic enough for you? She has diamonds and gold enough, there is still chocolate candy left over from Christmas......she has access to a whole gun cabinet of firearms if the mood strikes.........what better thing to please her than a shiny new maple colored floor.

Maybe if she lasts until the golden wedding anniversary I'll get new carpet for the bedrooms.

The last two days has been occupied by actually putting down some of the flooring.....almost done......just like two runs down the hallway,... and my usual running up and down the roads looking for shiny things. I'm kinda like a crow......if it shines I'll swoop down and try to carry it back to my nest. I would say that unlike the crow I don't try to hoard it all, but still, some things like the 5 Morgan $'s and the $100 replica in 4oz of .999 silver proof may have found a home. Others like the pair of Royal Wedding Silver Pendants put out by the Franklin Mint back when Charles and Diana entered into the Holy State of Matrimony back in '81 will likely either be auctioned off or melted into an unrecognizable blob before long.

Remember how their marriage was the biggest story of the Century back then..followed, of course, by the Divorce of the Century a few years later, which was it's self followed by the car crash of the Century a few years after that?

Let's all hope that when and if Prince William takes a bride he'll have learned several lessons from the mistakes of his parents.

Anyway back to the Microwave to reheat this cup of green tea. Time to surf a while and learn what else has been happening today while I wasn't looking.

Be Good.......or at least if you can't be good don't get caught.


Jean said...

Congratulations on your 43rd!
How wonderful for you both.

LL said...

Ha! I only stay here cuz I have to. I'd be perfectly happy down in Alabama. ;-)

Congrats on your anniversary. She's a lucky woman.

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