Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A New Day

Another sunny day here in the 'hood'. The sun has made it's way up over the pine trees and the 45 degrees feels mighty good compared to the 'teen's' of last week. This is more like it. This is one of the reasons I like living in the south. The north can keep their beautiful white snows. Give me days like this that keep hope alive and enough warmth to let us do a little outside loafing.

Emotionally it also feels like a good day for the Constitutional Republic. Scott Brown’s election in the heart of enemy territory gives me a little hope that enough people are awakening to the dangers to Liberty that we'll be able to stall for a little longer the long slow slide down the fun ride into a one world socialist government when the individual is marginalized into droid-hood.

Already we see the reaction of Slobbering Barney Frank and the dumb-o-crats in Congress to this upstart new Senator and his Pick-em-up-Truck. We'll just change the rules and do what we want anyway. I think he's made enough trips out to the barn and bent over a hay bale for the donkeys to bugger that he's no longer got the sphincter elasticity to hold his shit in. That prissy look on his face is probably caused by having to sit in a soiled diaper all day at Senate hearings.

Still I'm not getting my hopes up too high. Brown made way too many allusions to that great patriot Ted Kennedy.

Time, as it always does, will 'tell the tale' with more completeness than we now know.

Now let's go outside.


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