Friday, January 29, 2010

Starting Over

Rough weather ahead for tonight. Supposed to just miss us to the north; sure hope so. I generally don't pay the weather much attention now-a-days. Not like I did years ago while running the dairy farm. Back then I carried and listened to a weather radio at least twice a day, especially in the summer and fall when we were cutting hay or getting in other crops.

These days if it's cold I either stay inside or put on more clothes....if hot I stay inside in the air-conditioning and dress a little more lightly when venturing outside...although through habit of many long years and in remembrance of my skinny legged youth I never wear shorts...
today the whiteness of the skin would blind anyone within 300 yards...back then I didn't want to be teased about my knobby knees or be told only sissies would wear shorts. Try bucking alfalfa hay while wearing anything less than denim jeans for a while and it begins to make a little sense.

Oh yeah......Starting Over.

A couple years ago I thought to start anOther Blog chronicling the efforts to start over from nearly scratch and the thoughts on what it would take and any successes or further failures.

Didn't last long as I often have not much to say here less success there. Mostly just a little ranting or observations.

Today, however, the starting over has been much in my mind as when turning off the by-pass onto 441 N I had to stop on the exit ramp behind a semi waiting for the light and noticed a young woman standing in the cold shivering and holding a very small sign made of a single sheet of notebook paper. As I stopped behind the trailer I shouted out the window, "trying to get somewhere"? She shook her head No.

It was not until she stepped closer that I could make out the sign that read "Homeless need help". Not an apparent derelict, wino, druggie, just a young woman probably less than 30 years old and the clothes were neat, if perhaps a little less than the weather might have called for.

I reached in my pocket and pulled out a couple sawbucks to give get a 'God bless you' as the truck pulled out and I followed.

As I pulled away heading about a mile north to AirGas to pick up a set of new regulators for my torch I caught myself doing a little mental ass kicking....both wondering if she was just a moocher or if I should have done more like call my buddy who's tied into the local shelters and churches which might have been of a little more help to her.

I decided to make my return trip go past the intersection to stop and ask her if she wanted me to contact my friend........but, she was no longer there. Perhaps the $20 was all she needed to get her next hit or she'd gone down to the convenience store to warm up with some coffee, or maybe something warmer at the package store next door.

Whatever.....I wish her well. But the incident made me think of how close we've been to that same scenario and of all the people in the country right now who are in the same boat or only one paycheck away.

It can be hard to start over.......or it can be a very liberating experience. One can literally put everything but your thoughts behind you and strike out to stand or fall by your own efforts........or perhaps the charity of others.......and in this country now-a-days the generosity of the government who have no compunction about taking the fruits on your labor through the force of law to give however the bureaucrats decide is most politically productive.

I'll probably mull on this some more here in the world wide web. I'd appreciate your thoughts.

Perhaps I will look at that other blog again.


Borepatch said...

Good luck with the weather. We moved from Roswell to the People's Republic of Massachusetts 8 years ago - it's single digits right now, and JD is posting truth about how the Commonwealth has gone to hell:

As to the young lady, it's taken a while for me to come to the conclusion that what you did is the gift of a generous heart. While some people will take advantage of that, there is something noble about the act and the sentiment, and I don't want to end up as one of those guys who's on the other side of the sentiment.

I like your thoughts on starting over, and will check out your other blog. It's harder when the family has put down some roots around you, though. Sort of like Gulliver tied down with a hundred threads.

Jean said...

I am going to believe that your gift to her was the beginning of a good day for her. The first day of a better life, I hope.

Starting over. So many ways and so many reasons. I hope I get to choose my reasons. I do not want to stand on the side of the road. Waiting. Afraid. Alone.

Northwoods Woman said...

Whatever she did with the money, you gave out of the kindness of your heart and that's all that counts. You are the best! Now, why when I click on that other blog, it brings me to sign in to my blog?

kdzu said...

Of course I never proof anything Livey, Hopefully now it will get you in the vicinity.

Diana Summerford said...

Such a simple thing to pass a 20 to someone you feel needs it. However, God views it as a commitment. A commitment that you agree to open your heart with no strings attached, a commitment that you have agreed to care for another human being asking nothing in return...
Think nothing else of that 20, know that it will be returned to you 10 fold!

I am proud to call you Father!