Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Saturday Report

We dodged the bullet on the icy weather last night. Not sorry in the least about that. Just a little coolish this morning with a misty bit of rain. Not too much to do outside but will be doing that under shelter all wrapped up in a hand me down coat some kid left at the school the SIL works at a couple years ago and when summer break came and no owner came to claim it she passed along to me. Just damn...some middle school kid was as big as I (nearly 200 lbs). It must be all those steroids in the hamburgers these days.

The Big News is that I found when I checked my bank account online this morning, our bank has been closed and taken over by another. I'm not too surprised by that as a friend called yesterday with the rumor, which was one of a long string, and I was expecting it. Supposedly there had been a little drug money laundering going on along with some foreign loan losses.

The good news, so they say, is that everything will go along as normal except they have a new owner. Of course I have about $249,800.00 less than the amount FDIC will cover in there so the government will be insuring my accounts. Doesn't make me feel all that much safer, I have to say.

Money backed by nothing but the full faith and credit of the United States doesn't make one feel secure in these days and times. Basically they create money out of nothing, sign an IOU to the Federal Reserve and pretend it has some intrinsic value. We can see on the financial news each night what that is worth.

Wonder how many people lost their jobs last night?

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