Sunday, January 31, 2010

A drop in the bucket

I see where the president has miraculously found the grand sum of $20 Billion that can be cut from this years budget.

I'm very happy.

Well, somewhat.

I note with some little concern that the deficit for this fiscal year is estimated to be $1.75 Trillion out of a total budget of $3.55 Trillion.

Just a little playing with a calculator reveals that the proposed budget contains 49.29% more in spending than in receipts. Just Damn.

To put that in perspective that I can relate to, that means that this year out of a projected income of $32,876.00 I would spend $63,577.64. Hey, maybe I can take that trip to visit the pyramids of Mexico for a month or two. Shoot...maybe I can move up from hamburger to Ground Chuck.

If I would reduce my budget by the same percentage (0.005633% or $358.13) I would only be in the hole $30343.51 instead of the projected $30701.64.

Well...that's do-able. All I have to do is cut back about 40 or so whopper value meals. Oh, wait. I don't eat that many whopper value meals a year. Oh well, I'm sure I can do it even if I don't exactly know how right now.

This still doesn't address the fact that I'll spend $30 K more than I'll take in this year. I'm sure all my friends and neighbors won't mind chipping in a little bit......especially since I'll be sending my goons around to collect it at the point of a gun. They don't mind when the Government does it.

As the ol' Carrot Eater says, "What's up Doc?". How can we possibly allow them to spend nearly twice what they take in? I guess if you are working for the government or getting your sociable insecurity from them you don't mind.


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