Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rainy Thursday

Gently falling rain interspersed with brief periods of slightly heavier rain here in the Classic City...but the temperature is a pleasant 55 degrees and inside the house it feels almost tropical even though the heat pump isn't cycling on and off every few minutes. In fact I don't recall hearing it since I arose from bed after spending a miserable night of up and down because of sinus congestion causing a slight cough.

I'll get outside to work in a bit. Sure am glad I bought that shelter back in the fall.
Gracie and I will sit out there and listen to the raindrops hit the polyethylene cover. Not quite as nice as a tin roof but will do for a 'pore' boy.

The German paper Der Spiegel gives the death knell to Obama while he and his power grabber are exercising further power over Banks. Guess most of them never read Atlas_Shrugged.

While the powers that currently be currently keep a somewhat low profile, the World Bankers will only allow the politicians to go in a direction so far until it begins to interfere with their own plans.....and make no mistake...while the current battles are with the politicians....the war is with those who create money out of nothing and cause us to en debt ourselves to them in unbreakable chains of mortgages and credit card payments. While some few hardy souls have the will and drive to remove those chains through a life of frugality and hard work, the chains lie so softly on most of us that we in our comfort hardly even know their there.

Well, off to the salt mine in the back yard. Stay dry and tell someone you love them.

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