Thursday, November 04, 2010

Do we care this much?

As part of spending $200,000,000.00 so Barry and his wife and kids can see the sights in Mumbai, in addition to having 40 aircraft, 3000 personnel, renting a whole luxury hotel, sending 34 warships (is he paying a State Visit or planning to take the country over?) I note with a bit of ironic interest the fact that they are taking the coconuts out of the trees along the parade route.

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This arrogant pussy is so afraid for his life that they have to take down the nuts from the trees. Betcha this wouldn't happen if Bush had been making the trip.

To tell the truth, I don't care so much about the money being spent. The Fed is just having trillions printed up so that it's almost worthless anyway.

In fact, double the money, Hell, triple it, make it an even $1,000,000,000,000.00 and let the Indians keep it, keep Barry and all the staff, entourage and their personal effects.

Just send the airplanes and the warships back and we'll call it an even trade.

Just so they know I'd order a nuclear strike on New Delhi if they try to sent to send him back.

I'd not be an Indian Giver.


Paladin said...

I big ol' acorn hit the roof of my truck while I was driving down main street yesterday on my way home from work.... scared the bejesus out of me :)

I wonder if the coconuts attacked, would he would engage in deep introspection over how he brought the act of coco-terrorism upon himself?

kdzu said...

He'd probably both piss and shit his self, all the while carrying on about those cracker tea party people with their God and Guns out to git him.