Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Peach cobbler for dessert tonight. Washed down the old goozle pipe with some cold cows milk.......well, that is, er...if you want to call past-ur-eyesed and homo-gen-eyesed 2% pap from Engles Milk. It for sure is a long way from the whole milk with 4 to 5% butterfat we used to get straight from our own cows.

Still.......I guess it does a body good.

It's kinda like the election results out today.

The taste of victory for some of the (hopefully) conservative new congress critters and a few senators may be as sweet at peach cobbler, but it remains to be seen whether their brand of leading is watered down out of the same plastic jug as the ones we've seen before and what most everyone today is used to, or if it will be the real whole milk of long ago.

There will be many now, I think, who will be watching with a keener eye than in recent decades.

Personally......I've laid in another box of ammo. Just in case.

Ya'll come back now, hear.

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