Monday, November 22, 2010

Where to start?

Jeezly Crow, what a week it's been.

I've begun to feel like the proverbial three legged dog in a rabbit chase.

Never fear though intrepid readers, in spite of your fervent pleas and prayers I continue to rant and rave. I'm determined to be like the Energizer Bunny: to keep on running until I get it right at least once in my life.

Fall has finally fallen here at the Kudzu Grotto (KG). After a couple of days of light rain, and some wind, the ground has suddenly become covered with leaves of red, yellow and gold, along with quite a few ugly brown ones. I almost had the urge to rake a few to put atop the pathetic patch we refer to as the 'garden'. You'll be happy to know that I've resisted that urge so far. Nothing says 'Redneck' quite as well as an un-mowed and un-raked yard unless it's cars up on blocks in the overgrown front yard (well, I still have to jack up one of the cars and set it on blocks) (does it count if the tires are flat?)

The better half and I seem to have beaten back the sniffles for a while at least. Now the ol' Grump has taken to his bed with a cold. Might keep him from having some skin cancer patches removed on Wednesday. I watched as they removed three spots from his arm and back for biopsy a couple months ago. That wasn't too bad. But, to see how fast the little tumors grew in those spots 2 days later was a bit much. Still, hopefully, nothing more than skin cancer of the small and ugly kind.


The TSA. (Touching Sensitive Areas)

The recent furor has caused RCOBOE (red coating of blood over eyes) to the point I can hardly see.

Never mind that I have not the funds to fly anywhere; I would not be subjected to that sort of treatment at the hands of my own government. Not since I was subjected to the ol' "turn your head and cough" at the hands of a female army nurse oh so many years ago have I felt so embarrassed. At least that served a useful purpose.

Can you name just one instance of pat downs and X-rated scans stopping even one terrorist?

It's nice to hear and read the outrage of a portion of the American Citizenry. A few people are finally awakening to the fact that government agencies always, A.L.A.W.Y.S extend their reach and authority over what they perceive as the subjects to the Royal Government, when in actual fact it is they who are supposed to be the servants.

What is the highest office in the United States of America??

If you blurted out "the president" you are a fool and part of the problem.

The highest office in this country is Citizen

That's right, you, you and you over there with the ring in your eyebrow and tattoos on your ankles.

We, I, you, as individuals have delegated to that sometimes nebulous concept called 'the government' (small letters to designate their ranking) some of your rights to defense of your person, your liberty, your property as is your right as a Sovereign Individual.

If you don't think of yourself in that light you are nothing more than sheep awaiting the fleecing and slaughter that you so richly deserve, along with the appellation sheeple.

Oh, I know, you have become so used to thinking that the government is actually going to follow the intent of the framers of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence that you have allowed yourself to become soft and weak. (those of you that were actually taught or read anything about those intents. But, by damn, you are more than that, you are a citizen of the USA. If you are not, whether you are here illegally or not, then you should go back home, your own country needs you.
Maybe you'll take a part of what you felt here back with you.

The rest of you: get off your asses, look around. If you don't assert your rights as a Citizen, who will? Obungler and the crowd in the Asylum on the Potomac?


I had originally intended to link to article after article in the media of the day in the rant above, but the spittle and froth is making it hard to see the monitor and as said before, it's been quite a week, and a day, and the medication and Tylenol PM taken a while back have combined to take the edge off my rage.

You should,however, consider thinking about this Article before you go.

A bit off the rant I know........but still something to ponder.


Borepatch said...

Regarding fall: last night we visited some friends in New Hampshire for a going away dinner. There was ice on a pond up there.

Mrs. Borepatch is walking three feet off the ground thinking about a winter down south.

kdzu said...

Come on down......the weather has been wonderful. Almost came out of the long sleeved shirt today. Would have but all afternoon was spent on the go with Browning strapped to my side. Gave me that extra special warm and fuzzy.