Monday, November 01, 2010

Tomorrows the Big day

Especially if you, like me, have long been disgusted with the way the political tide in this country has been going.

Of course it helps somewhat if you went to school in the 50's and 60's and were taught just a little bit about history before it was changed to be politically correct and to create little droids who can program a DVD player enter data onto a computer, and all praise government.

A classical education like the educated men who were our Founding Fathers probably knew Greek, Latin, Hebrew as well as English and whose mathmatical skills included business accounting, weight's and measures, Algebra and most likely Calculus.
These subject would have been taught with attention to logical reasoning as well and the give and take taught by Socrates and Plato.

Nevertheless we must each do what we can to create as much Liberty in our own lives as we can today.

Voting is only one part of that effort, but and important part, so get out there if you haven't voted already and show yourselves as patriots. It's just too bad we can't all walk up to the voting booth with our sidearm strapped to our side in plain view.

There is a group called Restore the Constitution which have been having rallies all over the place where they go to a public place where carrying of legal weapons is allowed. Exchanges of ideas and thoughts on liberty and how to go about ensuring it to all are on the agenda. Check them out.

I'll be working in the morning, but will be watching and listening all day with great interest. If you're going to be near Athens, Ga give me a toot on the blog and we'll cuss and discuss how to cure all the ills of the world over a cold diet Dr. Pepper or two.

Remember Our Liberties and Freedom were given to Us by God and we only delegate certain responsibilities to government. We are responsible if they deviate from their instructions due to our lack of attention. Exercise the divine duties given to you by God and hold them accountable.


Anonymous said...

Never give up.

kdzu said...

Never surrender.