Saturday, November 06, 2010

Just a little nipply.

A little coolish outside this morning. A tad of frost mostly on the roof tops and tops of cars and trucks but here and there also on the ground.

It struck me that seeing your breath on a cool fall morning has almost the same feeling of awe and curiosity as when I was a kid, oh, so many years ago.

This will possibly mean the end of the leaves this year. We typically don't have the blazing colors of the mountains........mostly a few trees finally change colors then a rain and wind and they just fall off to clog the gutters and have to be raked onto the garden spot there to be tilled under in anticipation of the spring planting.

Those of you who followed my advice to bet against the $ a couple of post back are probably feeling pretty good. Why the so called leaders of our country seem determined to destroy it financially is still a bafflement to me.........well, not really.....they'd sell their own mothers if it brought them more money and power, and would stand first in line to add injury to insult.

Gotta get out there and kick start the wheels of commerce today.

At least it will be bright and sunny with that fall blue sky that draws you to infinity.

Ya'll come back, hear.

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