Saturday, November 06, 2010

Hot damn!

We get to set our clocks back tonight and get an extra hour of sleep.

Oh yeah, just when you get your internal clock set from back in the spring, totally screwing up the balance of nature, you have to now re-adjust said clock in the opposite direction, screwing everyone up once again. they somehow slow down the spinning of the earth or slow it's progression around Sol? Then speed it up at some arbitrarily chosen time in the future.

Me thinks that maybe we, over the eons of unrecorded time, might have somehow been unable to regulate ourselves without someone in authority to help us out??

If the earth spins on it's axis at a set rate that changes only fractionally over millennia, and travels around our star at a rate that also only changes a tiny bit from circuit to circuit and all of this is happening in a galaxy that is spiraling around a black hole in it's center at what ever rate, don't you think it's a little bit arrogant to go messing with time? For you lose a bit more sleep in the summer, thereby contributing to the worldwide sleep deficit, when learned men have conducted studies over and over at taxpayers expense showing that we'd all be better off getting more sleep and other nocturnal activities than currently we do.

Or am I just shitting through screen wire here?

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