Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Now?

We survived the elections.

Now What?

We only startled the Leviathan for a moment. Never think that just because you caused him to swerve away because you punched him in the snout that he's not planning his next run towards you will lips drawn back and all those pointy teeth pointed outward and all the massive power available thrown into the charge.

As long as we Citizens want to sit back and send a representative to speak for us, instead of standing firm in the middle of the road with dogged determination that, You Shall Not Pass in every fiber of our being.

I'm mightily afeared that the road will be rough, rocky and dusty in the coming few years. If you do not have a bit of the blood of the pioneer Revolutionaries in your blood you may not be able to stay the course. Or a bit of the Irish, but then, were all madmen you see.

There are many who would forecast out there. A bit of an article I read this evening........

I’m not a pessimist but our top and best advisor who seems to be always correct offers the following. If he is correct, and I suspect he is, we have a long slow Japan-style slog in the economic mud with a major system breakdown, like Russia’s bust-up some years ago. I suspect somewhere along the trail in this movie, the USA Sheeple go to pitchforks and torches.

Why can't he bring himself to say Guns and Knives?

I sure hope not but it almost seems inevitable. What a shame that a few Marxists can do so much permanent damage to my beloved America. All political parties are guilty.

“The midterm elections are anticlimactic and change nothing. In the short term, it makes no difference how many Congressional seats the GOP captures. The Dumb-O-Crats have already won. Since taking control of Congress in 2006, Hussein and his wrecking crew have jammed through more socialist legislation than all the past liberal agendas combined (had) ever hoped to accomplish. It's a done deed.”

“If anyone thinks that changing the mix of Congress with more elected conservatives will fix things; (they are) dreaming. The new Congress will be just as clueless, incompetent, corrupt, and swayed by the lobbyists. The only priority will be to get re-elected, as usual. Any hopes and promises will be dashed by reality. The reality is any legislation that the new Congress passes to try to undo Hussein's Marxist programs will be simply vetoed. The GOP will not have the votes to over-ride a Presidential veto. This is a Dead-End.”

Maybe not this next two years, bet we can hope for is Gridlock. Better luck in 2012.

“The Constitution gives the responsibility of appropriating funds to the House. They may be able to shut-off any additional funds for existing programs, such as Obamacare, etc., but the basic funding of those programs is already the law of land. Control of the Federal purse strings is of no help to undo the damage already done.”

“So, there will be two years of legislative gridlock. In the mean time, Hussein will expand (entrench) his new socialist programs with a blizzard of Presidential executive orders and appointees by-passing Congress. These Dumb-O-Crat political appointees in charge of hundreds of Federal agencies, set policy that interprets, and bends the intent of new and existing programs to the socialist ideology...encasing them in concrete. It will require literally decades of political dedication and action to undo the damage…and that is not likely to happen.”

It will only happen if we faint not, and stay the course, no matter the pain. And their will be pain. Maybe even all out WW4!

“On top of all the political shenanigans, is the meddling of the FED with the money supply. The greatest theft of public money, ever, will continue on an even grander scale to transfer even more to the bankers, the Wall Street Boyz, and the politically connected. That is the one, and only, sure outcome of these elections. The citizens (Sheeple) aren't even a consideration, other than to ratify the rip-off with their votes.”

If You've ever had a determination to succeed in your life financially you better do it will stand you in good stead down the road.

You might use some of it to prepare. Maybe not to the extent recommend in the link below.......

Click Here

......but you can't help anyone else if you yourself are not first prepared.

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Paladin said...

We're like the dog that chases cars - only now we've caught one and everyone is watching to see what we do with it.

I just hope we can hang on to the bumper and slow it down long enough for us to add more biters to the bumper in '12. Should be interesting, to say the least :)