Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to cure the Health Care Mess once and for all

Much screaming and shouting, pointing and pontificating has been going on over the last year about what must be done to fix health care in this country.

Hey, I get my health care free from a Government Run Bureaucracy I'm allowed to talk about it.

Everyone on both sides of the political spectrum up in the AOTP (Asylum on the Potomac) has his or her own idea of how best to control the dumb masses back home in every aspect of their daily lives. (Watch them, listen to them, if you don't come to the conclusion that they all think we're too stupid to breath without them pumping on our chests, then you would never make a good scout, or spy and need to rethink your future career path.)

I have been really glad that I'm enrolled with the Veterans Administration for my health care needs. It would have been even better though if I had not needed to pull that little obligation for past services rendered out of my pocket. (Probably most people who have known me over the last 40 years realized it a long time before I did).

I have received what I consider excellent care by caring professionals, but looking closely at things one can see a vast bureaucracy that any private organization would pare by considerable, and you can still hear of instances where substandard treatment is given to Veterans and the facilities are not anywhere near as modern as what we are lucky enough here in Georgia to have.


Of course what I neglected to write last night as it was just a severe head cold, I thought, is that I would wake up a few minutes ago with what seems like Pneumonia, and instead of being able to go to the local emergency room for treatment on the government teat as one would be able to you'd think, I as an enrollee in the VA system have to have authorization from my local VA provider to do so, else I can still go to the local emergency room and receive treatment at my own expense, which would be good except that the Budget for this months VA Disability Pension Check has already been spent.

So I wait.....till the hours of normal business times.....when I can try to cadge my way into a visit with my physician at the local Charlie Norwood VA Medical Clinic, but sense I don't have an appointed time will likely either be told that I can wait all day in the waiting room and they will try to fit me in, or I can drive or be driven down to Augusta to the Main VA Medical Center Emergency Care Unit, which will of course necessitate the time to drive and then wait in line until they call me there, during which time no palliative care will be forth coming.

This is Government Run Health Care.......Are you sure this is what you want

Face it.....people come from all over the world to be treated here in American Hospitals. Would they do that if their own countries health care was up to the task. Sure the expense's are great. Look at the amount of make work they are required to do by a Federal Urge to Control run AMOK.

Perhaps we should read what Ann
has to say in her article today; after that perhaps it could be suggested to youngsters at an early age that they have a responsibility to take care of their own needs starting at and early age both for medical care and the possibility of living to an age where they can earn a living as once they did.

You know, saving a little for a rainy day, not counting on the next generation outside your own family bearing the burden of supporting you. Might make you rethink some of the things you tell your kids, wouldn't it.

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