Friday, March 19, 2010

Still above ground

I believe that is a good thing, but I am convinced that I could never go 15 rounds with Cassias Clay. Not with the shots he'd give to a torso. I feel like I've been there though. My chest, ribs, and back ache from all the hacking and coughing I've been going through. Not to mention getting what little sleep I have sitting upright in the ezy-chair.

OTC medications were no match for the congestive cold I have and I finally did get to see my primary care Dr. at the clinic.

Some kind of penicillin and strong expectorant is hopefully helping, as well as hot steamy showers to loosen the crud in my head and chest.

Tonight will see me once again upright in the chair, but this time armed with some Tylenol PM, hopefully, a bit more sleep.

This weekend may be one of those defining moments in history that you read about;

Will We The People of The United States of America be ruled by Law as laid out in the Constitution or will we be ruled by men who care nothing for us.......only for their own power?

As the Ancient Chinese Curse says, "May you live in interesting times".

There are muffled clicks as stones are dropped into pouches and pockets all across this land, and off in the distance you can hear a faint drumbeat....and what sounds like a fife....

A Call.....??

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