Thursday, March 11, 2010

Me and John Wayne


What a dream.

Did ya ever wonder what sparks the meandering of the mind during a dream?

I just came thrashing up out of the covers on the bed; ripping anda snatching at the CPAP mask on my face.

John Wayne and I along with a few other including a house of gold-hearted working girls in a bar/meeting hall had established the beginnings of a town in a bucolic valley deep in the mountains way the hell off somewhere. (hey it's a dream there were no road signs, OK?)

Working to build living quarters and protecting the place from nefarious types from far and wide. Claims jumpers, beaters of women, you know the type, we were kept busy just trying to keep the rif-raf out.

Despite our best shooting and efforts the town intruded......a sawmill... houses...flattening of the mountain tops for the building of new house with the inevitable influx of new people, till.......

....... despite numerous wounds received in battles big and small we were reduced to pensioners waiting of the dividend checks from the electric power station up near the big highway, which John tells me I should be glad to get.

Strange, the things that flash between the bits of gray matter late at night, or depending on how you look at it......early in the morning.

Does it mean anything......or was it that last handful of bugles I washed down with Diet Pepsi before bedtime?

Whatever, John Wayne will always be a hero of mine for one quote...

"Life is hard, it's even harder when you're stupid."


Paladin said...

I love that quote too :)

I think that sometimes dreams do mean things, but they can only be interpreted in realtion to the person dreaming them. In other words, You and I could have virtually the same dream and it could "mean" something very different to each of us. Or it could mean nothing at all.

I seldom remember my dreams. I'll go months and months without seeming to dream at all, though I probably do. If the dream really has an impact on me it might stick around, otherwise I either don't remember it at all or it gets fuzzy really fast.

Anonymous said...

Isn't John Wayne everybody's hero