Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Explaining the Math

Did you ever sit in a math class and watch as one student just could not understand the concept.

Maybe in this case Obama should suspend for a moment his arrogant assumption that he is the All-Wise-All-Knowing Wizard and look behind himself to realize that the curtains have been drawn and he's revealed at the charlatan he really is, standing there pulling levers, blowing smoke, clashing cymbals, while all the time the little boy is pointing, laughing and shouting, "The Emperor has NO clothes".

(sorry for the mixed Metaphors)

Of course it would be easier to expose him were he not surrounded by moonbats like Pelosi, Reid, Rham and the whole of the MSM.


LL said...

That would be my representative that I blog about occasionally. Fully a Republican who supported Bush in all things, even those I didn't agree with, but a good Rep anyway (except for when he ignores my emails LOL)

kdzu said...

I'm glad there are at least one or two who are beginning to get it at last, even if they did have to be led to it kicking and screaming by the voters. But we're going to have to keep the pressure on for a very long time. Hopefully our children and grand children can still be taught enough history to know why they should do it too.