Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Noodling about tomorrow

They say tomorrow never comes......

That's true I suppose in some sort of Alice in Wonderland kind of way, but the present of tomorrow will be completely controlled by the decisions of today and yesterday.

Suffice it to say that the medication I normally take every evening has been enhanced by the various OTC potions and palliatives I'm taking to deal with a nasty head cold, sinus draining and a throat made "So-So" (so sore you can't touch it with a powder puff) by hacking and coughing.

Fortunately apple cider vinegar mixed with raw honey with hot water will give temporary relief, I just hope some one of the medications will knock me out long enough to get a couple hours sleep tonight.

Of course then I might dream of the coming financial tsunami that's right now sucking the water away from the beaches.

A couple of paragraphs of one of the newsletters I read tonight......

If Congress can keep the illusion of Federal solvency
only by inflation, it will inflate. This is as sure a
as there is in politics.

If the FED finally balks at hyperinflation, as I think
it will, and Congress does not nationalize it, then there
will be the other kind of default: the across-the-boards
default. This will take down all of the programs. I think
this is what will happen. I think we will avoid
hyperinflation. Call me an optimist.

When the great default pulls the plug on Social
Security and Medicare, what will you do? Do you have a

On a more personal note, my Three Blue Star Sister up in the North Woods has been admitted to the hospital because of a series of mini strokes.

If you can send some good thought and prayers her way I would take it as a great kindness.


Anonymous said...

please call
had no idea about sis?

Jean said...

Done. and will do again.

kdzu said...

Any mouse; I have 5 sisters, you have hidden your tracks too well. Hope you got in touch with them.