Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring comes early in Canada this year

Spring is well under way here in the South. The flowers are blooming and birds are starting to look for nesting spots.

Sap is rising in flora and fauna alike and the crazy women who go into heat with the rising of the temperatures are unbuttoning the top two buttons and putting a little sashay into their walk.

Expected here though and allowances are made and young men begin to think of Turkey hunting and crappie fishing.

In Canada, on the other hand the ice is still in existence and cabin fever is rampant on college campussies.

How else to explain their quickness to accuse of hate speech addresses not even given and the subsequent rioting, ranting and raving by the student body of The University of Ottawah at the very thought of Ann Coulter giving a talk.

God protect us from the Vast Reservoir of knowledge and experience that exists on College Campuses.

They better all run out and get a job, quick, before all that certainty and knowledge leaks out of their bubble brains as the thorns and pricks of real life begin to poke holes in them.

The ice packs in Greenland will surly be melting down to mere ice cubes as all that hot air escapes.

Start the Arks.

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