Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scruu emm

As that old soldier played by Anthony Hopkins with Brad Pitt as a bear hunting, injun squaw screwing, moonshining son said of the authortities in what ever movie that was. Good one anyway. Appealed to my inner anarchist.

My hero (cause he gave the finger to the system and moved to Guad, married a senorita and drinks Kino Red and pens prose with bigger words than I even dreamed existed) Fred has much the same to say vis-a-via the current contretemps in That Sewage Pit Draining into the Potomac have stirred up.

Much the same feeling I have which is, Let's see em enforce it or pay for it.

They don't really expect to be able to enforce this monstrosity, they simply think that the gimme class will not realize that they are going to have to actually pay the premiums and not out of BHO's Stash but their own, and will blindly vote to keep them in power forever.

And if that doesn't work will try to enforce it with martial law.

Screw 'em.

Oh Yeah, a Great Movie. Legends of the Fall

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