Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Morning

Gonna be a nice day here looks like. Mid 70's with sunny-shine. Aahhh Spring.

Got nearly 8 hours sleep and would have except for waking one time around 1:30 fighting with the CPAP mask and having to sit in the EZ chair for and hour or so of fitful sleep.

The missus is back in bed for another day of therapy for her own cold. This one has been a brass bound son-of-a-bitch for sure. The good news is that she is much improved over yesterday. The pooch refuses to get more than 3 feet from her and is in full protective mode.

A few errands to run this morning, then spending some time preparing for the CPA visit next week to have the taxes done. One big change is closing out the business to the status of hobby. The rules say I can loose as much of my own money as I want in a hobby, so why consider it a business.

No news read or listened to this morning, so I'm in a good mood. Ya'll come back later and I'll comment on the idiocies of the day.

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