Sunday, February 18, 2007

Just trying to make both ends match.........

........I guess.

I see that our girl Britany’s head is as bald as her clam now. You can send your thanks for not rehashing that story with pictures here by sending me gold. 24 karat and three 9's fine.
Your welcome.

And then she went out and got tattooed to celebrate the event.. Interesting that she checked out of rehab after one day to go and do these things.

I've always felt that getting a tatoo evidenced either a sometimes subtle and sometimes not so cry for either attention or help or a screw you attitude. I could be wrong..........I've never had a desire for one, so can't really say. Some people cut themselves, some get tattoo's.

Had an employee once who's girlfriend/mother of his 3 children was fond of wearing those low cut jeans with a shirt which bared her midriff below the navel. Which area bore the classy tattoo EAT ME with a curved arrow pointing towards her nether regions. Made me kinda want to gently scold her with a length of 2 x 4 upside her head.

In other news I see that a lovely Friskey Austrailan has joined the 7 mile high club with some actor and then got fired for it. We can understand that she has to find some sort of replacement for her income.........
....along with the book and magazine deals. As as sure as I'm sitting in front of this keyboard someone is already writing a screenplay with her playing the head (couldn't resist) role.

People used to want to create something useful and productive with their lives.

Now..........just their fifteen minutes and a book deal.

If we could only see the kudzu vines wrapped around their souls, we would probably give up all hope of them ever being rescued.

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