Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You see Uniece........

She took my rant to heart, realised the error of her ways, and went back to rehab.

I have a brother-in-law who once shot himself. He was young and dumb. Not so young that he hadn't married and had a kid or two or three. Just young enough to think that the world was totally against him.

I forget if it was money trouble, wife trouble, mother trouble or stepfather trouble or drinking trouble. Just that he was convinced that every one was against him.

You see he didn't have a sense of self worth. He couldn't conceive of the idea that he wasn't somebody unique. Everybody should stop their busy lives and listen to him, and solve his problems for him.

That's really what determines when we reach adulthood. When we come to realise that 'if it is to be, it's up to me'. We can all function better with a support group, but, not if all that group is doing is enabling us in our disfunction.

Anyway the BIL called my wife and told her he had a .22 rifle and he was going to shoot himself. She found out where he was and begged him not to do anything foolish, and then took off to where he was.

As she pulled up, she could see him staggering in the driveway with blood on his shirt. Fortunately he really was so dumb he didn't quite realise where his heart is. Shot himself high in left chest, and it was only a .22.

She calls me from the hospital to come down. As I walked into the lobby I could hear him hollering, "Oh God, It hurts". I told my wife that if he was going to die he wouldn't be screaming with that much volume. And he did heal from the gunshot.

Unfortunately he never grew up. So now he's just an old baby, and his life has never improved in the last 25 or 30 years.

Maybe, just maybe, Miss Spears will have a 'wake up' moment in rehab, and come out of it with a determination to be a better, smarter grown-up person..........

.........if so my work will not have been in vain.

Like she or any of you pay any attention to what I think.

Just my view from the Kudzu.


MamaSMorgan said...

Good for her. I said a prayer for her.

kdzu said...

Now they say she checked out again. I have much less influence than I deserve in the world don't I?
Just goes to show what I said. People have to take personal responsibility for themselves. She's probably trying. Hope it turns out well.