Friday, February 02, 2007


I guess I'm somebodies shit list now.

The first 3 hits I had today are all from

The little bit of ranting I did yesterday may have struck a nerve. Or else they are just lurking to see if my rants get any reaction from the 8 to 10 viewers I have per day.

I'm just saying that if you want to make your voices heard your have to be at least as loud as the local moonbats.

I really want this experiment we call the United States Of America to succeed. But, we need real leaders in charge. And, we need to raise our voices so they know that we're watching what is going on and, frankly, my dear, I'm not much impressed by 99/100th of that crowd.

They say they want to boost the economy......well, pass the Fair Tax!
They want support for the troops.........I do. But, I'd love to see a system somewhat simular to Swisserland where every adult mail is a part of their armed forces reserves, and have their weapons in their home, and they remain a part of, and train for their part till age 50 or something.

Personally, I'd like to see a system simular to on Robert Heinlen proposed many years ago. Let anyone who wanted all of the priveleges of citizenship, male or female, have to serve in the military. Those that do have full citizenship, with the right to vote, AND, to hold political office.
Those who are conceintious objectors and still want the vote will serve their country in a differant way but will still serve at the pleasure of the country.
Those who don't want to earn their full franchise would not have to serve, but would not be elegable to vote for anything higher than dog catcher.
And for those who want to live off the kindness of others, NO vote, No enjoying all this country has to offer, Just a menial job that supports them but they work were ever they ar assigned.
If They just want to be left alone, God Bless them, let them support themselves and families without any kind of stigma, or monetary help from the Govt. This might be the group I'd choose after earning full citizenship first.

Oh well, enought ranting for such an early hour. Time for my mid-morning nap.


LL said...

Was it from the Sergeant at Arms? I think someone in that office does a google search on names of Senators to make sure no one is making terroristic threats. I mention my senator a lot and get those hits right afterward. No worries. ;)

MamaSMorgan said...

I hope they did more than just look for threats. I hope they actually read what you write and that it struck a chord. God Bless you Uncle Kudzu.