Friday, February 16, 2007

Where do they find those people?

I have often asked myself that very question about the people who appear on some of the daytime reality shows such as, Judge Judy, Divorce court, Judge Joe Brown.

Hey don't look at me thata way. I don't turn over to them. Paw-in-law though seems to have a strong affinity for them. I just see them as I go back and forth thru the living room. I'd shield my eyes but I'd probably fall all over the pooch. Besides, thats where the most comfortable recliner for my afternoon nap is.

Now I know that, of course, none of my 5 or 6 readers ever watch those steaming, stinking piles of dog droppings. But, they keep putting them on the tv, so someone has to be watching.

What distresses me is the number of women who fall into a relationship with a man who is obviously, to the rest of human kind, less than the ideal mate or partner.
Why they're oblivious to the fact that he has none of the characteristics of even a sub-human, but even most animal species would run him off, I don't know. Well, maybe not pigs, but then pigs enjoy rolling around in mud and excretment.

For some reason a lot of women gravitate towards the so-called 'Bad Boy'. Whether it's because they seek danger of some kind, or their maternal instincts just want to see if they can change him for the better.

This in no way seeks to exonerate those women who themselves lack less than the ideal characteristics of the perfect young lady. We find too many of them around us also. Either they were never taught, they refused to learn, they are determined to go against common sense, or they are just too sorry and stupid to do better.

Unfortunately, they seem, for some insane reason to bear the most offspring.

And all too many of them exude a stronger pheromone than more refined flowers, so as to draw the male of the species closer.

I personally think the ideal young woman is independent. She fits herself fo a useful life instead of continually posing for a marriage proposal. She is one who appreciates her powers and influence. No one has more power today than woman, if she will only use it in the proper way. This young woman will never tolerate a young man that is not her equal socially, mentally, and morally. She will not marry a man to reform him. It is a precarious business when any young woman turns herself into a reformatory and undertaakes the hazardous task of reclaiming a young man by the marriage process. If she is unable to reform him before marriage, she can not do so afterwards. I do not know of any young men that marry girls to reform them. And besides, no woman can associate with or marry a man beneath her and hope to lift him up to her level.......She will descend to his.

Choices, we all make them every day, and often give little thought to them, even though each one can alter the future in ways not fore seen if we don't think about them. Especially if all we think with is our groins.


Jean said...

How ironic that you pondered this today! I recently met a man, we get along very well. But, he has confused me some from the beginning. Why? Because he is... decent. A gentleman, considerate of me, not a user, hard-working, strong. I have been used to much less. It just ocurrred to me yesterday that I am worthy of this kind of man, and I have to get used to being treated like a woman of worth. I finally realized my own value! Even if he and I never go beyond where we are now, I will always thank him for showing me the kind of man I deserve... I now know that I will never again settle for less. My choice... to appreciate my worth, and not lessen myself by being with someone who does not also value me.
After all these years...

kdzu said...

You are most certainly worthy of the best man there is.
God Bless you.
Weird, how I put this up today.

Jean said...

Someone recently told me, again, that things happen for a reason. Don't know if that's true or if we try hard to find a reason in our continuing attempt to make sense of life.