Monday, February 19, 2007

Oh! Help Me! .............

..........Somebody PLEASE Help me!

You went to a rehab center stayed one day and then left you stupid stupid girl.

I don't know who is managing this girls career or what's left of it. It used to be her mommy, but, now you know she is an adult and can screw and have babies and everything. To bad she never had to grow up.

A star and famous and rich since before she started her periods, so she had hired help for everything. Yes men and women to cater to her every whim. Parents who were so caught up in the glamour and the fact that their little darling is a STAR.

What was it the Beatles used to sing? "Can't buy you loooove".

But some people will do anything for money, including telling you how special you are and how beautiful, and smart and we just love you so, so, very, very much. Just keep on handing out those Franklins and we'll give you anything you want.

Isn't it funny how so many of us don't really know just exactly what it is we want?
We want to be loved, and then act unloveable. We want to be smart, but will not put forth the effort to learn and retain the things we once learned. We want to believe what people tell us, only to see time and time again them fail us, or use us for their own wants. We want to be rich but will time and again opt to buy toys instead of investments.

Why is it that nobody wants what we really deserve? What we've really earned. Somehow we're entitled to so much more.

I know what I want.

I want it all. I'm just like the rest of you.


MamaSMorgan said...

Uncle Kudzu,
Why do you spend so much time on these people?

kdzu said...

Because I'm crazy enough to hear the news at least once a day and it gets on my last half of a good nerve to see people with potential make such bad choices. If, perhaps, just one person reads my rant and starts thinking about their choices, maybe, just maybe, God will be a little kinder in his judgement of me.
Those who can't.....teach. Or try. But a prophet rarely gets credit in his own........

MamaSMorgan said...

I guess I am blessed by not having cable! You have a good point. I hope someone will get the message!

Jean said...

Effort, common sense... too many see it as too much like work. Which, of course, it is. But... work... works!

Great post, Larry.