Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Not that there's anything wrong with that." *

I was walking on the backside of our lot today with the rep. from the pipeline company. (We go to the middle of a 75' right of way, for a large petroleum company).

Talking about whether we could build a fence back there.

I was reminded of something I hadn't thought about in a long time.

While a mere fuzzy faced young lad in high school, I knew of a guy we all called queer. (Yes, I know that's not politically correct nowadays, but bite me, it was the 60's). He acted feminine in a time where that wasn't quite as accepted as now.

You will remember from a previous post how tolerant I am.

Anyway, he was a couple of years younger than I and our paths didn't exactly converge. I graduated, got married and then joined the army in the next year and a half and didn't think of him at all.

What got me to thinking about him today was talking with the pipeline guy and remembering another supervisor of said pipeline which also ran thru the dairy farm I was raised on.

After serving nearly 6 years in the Army, I got out to run the farm when Dad died.
The pipeline supervisor was a guy in his 60's I guess, and he had known my dad and each fall would come to our annual dove shoots. (Yes, we would actually kill those cute little mourning doves and eat them with great relish.) (And if we were lucky some fresh buttermilk biscuits and brown gravy. Yum!)

His wife ran one of the local real estate offices, and as the story was told to me, was in the habit of frequenting one of the beauty parlors in town, Fancy's if memory serves.

As it happened, the ol' boy we called queer had gone off somewhere and had a sex-change operation during the time I was serving my baser instincts and trying to inflict bodily harm on little brown skinned natives of a Southeast Asian Paradise.

Changed his name slightly and returned to the local area where he had a job as a beautician at the afore mentioned beauty parlor.

Anyway the wife, was having her usual Friday hairdo and makeup plastering. The quick change artist was styling the hair of the lady in the chair next to her, so it was only natural that she should overhear the conversion taking place.

Quickdraw was telling about his recent change of attitude and allowed as how, "Mama says it looks just like the real thing". "Do you want to go in the back and I'll show you."

Ol' gal ran out of there with her hair wet and the sheet flapping about her neck.

I still get the giggles from that visual image. Not that there is anything wrong about it you understand.

*with thanks to the Sienfeld Show.

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