Saturday, February 24, 2007

Watch out....

.... This report is sure to raise some eyebrows and screams of indignation.

One thing we can be sure of. This guy Cameron and the tv stations will run it into the ground as long as it's worth a dollar to them. I don't know if he has any sort of agenda. If he does I'm sure that at least a little of it is wanting to make money or a name for himself. Course the actual digging happened years ago and he just heard about it and injected himself and his opinions.

Most people who know me, know that my beliefs are strong, but I would never deny you the right to believe that I'm wrong or whatever you want to believe in, as long as you will allow me the same courtesy.

Faith it is said, is the belief in things unseen (yet). The inspiration for this life comes from above or within, and the man or woman with hope in their heart can meet any foe and can rally from the most bitter disappointment. When hope spreads her wings, courage will dare the darkest night, and will come to the morning untired and undefeated. But without hope courage dies, and the feet are hard to move, and the wings are held with heavy weights, and darkness rules the light.

We are here now. Where we came from is not so important as where we are bound. Is this all? Is it both the beginning and the end? Do we stop here, or shall we go on?

Does some safe and quiet harbor await us at the end of our life's journey, where we can anchor from the storm tossed voyage of life and be welcomed to a blest abode amidst the shouts of friends and kindred dear, and there forever rest? Or is the future dark and hopeless, are the harbors closed, are there no lights along the shore.

I'm a big fan of the Lord of the Rings books. My first opportunity to read them came over 20 years ago when my brother in law gave me a set. Over the years I literally wore them out from reading and rereading. One of my favorite scenes comes in the third volume when Merry and Gandalf are under siege in the castle and all looks to be lost and Merry remarks that it looked like the end or something. And Gandalf with a longing and faraway look in his eyes says that death is not the end, but like a long voyage on the ocean, where you look for land, and then you see it, 'White Shores'.

If you don't know me, life has no hold on me. Whatever they are, I look forward, with longing, to White Shores.

Long after the furor of this is long behind us, whatever the outcome may be, there will still be those who believe as they will. And that is probably as it should be.


Sarge Charlie said...

Please to meet you Mr Kudzu, watch out you are growing at about 4 feet per day. We may be neighbors, I spend the summer at my home in Blairsville, God's Country. I am a son of a North West Georgia sharecropper and Vietnam Vet. Reading your bio it looks like we have common ground, I would be happy to call you my friend.

kdzu said...

Glad to meet you Sarge. Thanks for dropping by. You are my friend.
Thanks for your service.

Jean said...

Beautiful, thought provoking.
Your writing gets better and better!