Monday, February 12, 2007

Kudzu can............

......come creeping up on you in the damnedest places sometimes.

I would like to think that I'm a pretty tolerant type of person. You know what I mean. A real live and let live kinda guy.

(Pause whilst I go partake of the evening set of mood altering drugs)

Ahhh! That's taken care of. Good thing they are only partly effective and take a while to enter the old digestive tract.

Anyhow, back to bragging on what a great guy I am generally and all around. Handsome too, but who's looking.

As I said, a better person you'd have to look hard and long to find.

But, while driving back from the VA today, I realised that only my puritan nature and genteel upbringing prohibit me from leaving bloody footprints behind me.

Liberal, socialist, free-market hating, bombastic assholes just really get on my last half of a good nerve. Having to be in the same room, not to mention on the same continent with them irritates me like sand in my underoos.

I really, for the life of me, don't understand where they are coming from. To me it's only common sense to defend, fight for, and if need be to die for, Freedom, in all the many aspects of the word, for family, for country, for all of the rights both implicit and implied, laid out in the Declaration of Independence and the original Constitution and Bill of rights. To do all these things as quickly for someone else as for myself. To do anything else would diminish me as well as them.

What's scary if the fact the I'd probably be able to blow away someone who disagrees with me and walk away as if it were nothing. Don't offer to make me ruler of the world. That's just a little scary to think about, as alluring as it sounds. Especially the harem of dancing girls that would have to go with the job to even get me to consider it. That and the hoards of gold that would of course have to be paid in tribute.

Now that just totally doesn't jib with my original, (if somewhat tongue in cheek) comments about how I feel about myself.

Don't ask me for an explanation of this dichotomy, as I have no clue other than the duality of good and evil that resides in all of us.

Control of self, I guess is what sets us apart from animals, and will always keep us a little lower than the angels.....Maybe I need to take up Transcendental Meditation or Yoga...........or drinking.

Whadda ya think? Huuummmm?

UPDATE; Should have read Livey before I started picking at the lint in my navel.


Jean said...

hmmmm.... well, maybe one drink and then some meditation. One small drink, just for medicinal relaxation purposes...:)

Livey said...

Oh honey I understand. For what it's worth, I think you are an amazing person. You have certainly helped me reach the point I'm at. Thanks babe!