Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In the Garden

I guess I attended about half of the memorial services for the 100 or so Troops we lost from my unit along the DMZ more than half a lifetime ago. Most of them I knew........slightly or better. In an aviation unit all the pilots know each other and their crews and mechanics.. The infantry squad was less well known but familiar on sight. Being back at the base at night mostly we weren't out on patrol so were expected to attend. As is right and proper.......

But, somewhere in there, it just was enough, and any excuse could be found not to attend. That way you could pretend that it wasn't anyone you knew. One day they were there........and then.......simply not. Don't ask, Don't tell........no one needs to think about it. Higher ups who had been there any time at all wouldn't give you any grief about it although their sense of duty required their attendance no matter their preferences.

As you age you gain a perspective about the whole live or die thing and it generally becomes easier. If you're a believer it's a thing to look forward to (although you don't want to rush things. If you're not then it doesn't matter anyway except that you'll be shorter of acquaintances than before.

Whence this navel gazin' you may ask? Damn if'n I know. Not sure how I got there but for you who enjoy fine writing and story telling that'll draw you to the conclusion like a risin’ will always pop, ease on over Here and read all three tales.

Mostly I don't think you'll be sorry you did.

Perhaps you'll remember someone like the little lady who heard ghosts.

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Jean said...

Ambulance Driver and his crew do some damn fine writing.