Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another Rainy Sunday in Georgia

The Classic City area hereabouts has certainly had it's fair share of the water this year. Now that the leaves are mostly off the hardwoods things look as cold as they feel outside.

I was awakened a little after 7pm by my youngest grand daughter who came giggling into my bedroom and yelled, "get up paw paw". Right there I started smiling 'cause I knew it was going to be a good day.

She had been sent to fetch me by her nanny who wanted me to go to Mickey D's to bring back some fast food breakfasts for us all, courtesy of the old grump who like a ground hog had stuck his head and $20 to pay for the eats. Sausage and hotcakes with syrup and butter, Big breakfasts with sausage, scrambled, biscuit and hash browns. Lots better than cold cereal.

Small Grand children are special anytime of the year, but especially around the time of Christmas I think, seem to be endowed with all the qualities we oldsters look backward and wish we had never lost.

We have six grand children ranging in age for 17 down to 3 1/2. All healthy, Thank God, all smart, all a blessing to those around them....well one could study a bit harder. But, all of them amaze me with how different they each are. Each of them with something to teach us every day.

So this evening I'm not dwelling on the problems of the world. I could care less if a golfer has a predilection towards buxom young women who are not his wife....or politicians who are willing to sell their souls for a mess of porridge.

I'll sleep the sleep of the happy and contented. Blessed beyond my limited understanding.

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Carolyn said...

Amen to the fact that grandchildren are such a blessing. We Leave Friday for Utah to spend Christmas with 5 of ours. Can't wait for all those wonderful hugs. I have to get enough to last awhile. You are so blessed to have yours so close. My love to all.