Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winning hearts and minds

That phrase will of course be instantly recognizable to any person who served in what we like to call the South East Asia War Games of forty years ago. You may remember........the one we lost.

Today we're doing the same thing in North West Asia. What a goat rope.

It is always a great thing to be able to sway people to your way of thinking by your words and deeds to the mutual benefit of both parties. I am a big fan of getting people to think in terms of Freedom and The Rule of Law under something resembling our Constitutionand Bill of Rights.

But when reason and diplomacy has failed and the shooting starts.....then the leaders of a Nation such as ours has as it's first obligation to win the conflict so decisively and quickly that as few of your own troops suffer injury and casualties as possible. This has the added benefit of killing as many of the opposing forces leaders and reducing to as few as practical the numbers of civilian casualties in the area you are in effect taking over.

Eliminate in totality the forces who oppose you and who are restricting their peoples Freedom and then you have the time and ability to convince your former enemies of the correctness of your ideals of Freedom, Justice and Liberty. This is a natural desire of all intelligent, freedom loving individuals everywhere.

Of course there are always, as we see in our own country, those who want to be controlled and enslaved by someone who will at least feed them or give them a free place to live along with whatever other things they can get from the producers without effort on their part.

Wise leaders however would institute policies to wean everyone except the truly incapable and sick from the teat of the public dole.

But first in order to convince people who have not known freedom, you have to eliminate or so cow the opposing forces that they are not capable of disrupting your efforts to educate the people in their own higher capabilities.

As a for instance, I urge you to consider the peoples of Japan, who sixty years ago were totally defeated by us and within 20 years had so adopted the freedom mindset that their economy and country became one of the strongest in the free world.

Pussies like BHO and General MacCrystal who has his nose up BHO's butt, will only cause more US casualties for a military who are some of our best and brightest young people and will as a direct result create less Freedom and Liberty, as well as Justice in the world....more importantly .....less of the same here in our own country.

Which will one day lead to the deaths, on both sides of the issue, in our own hometowns.

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