Friday, December 25, 2009

Ghosts of Christmas

At the end of a long Christmas day (I was awakened from a very nice sleep at 6 am this morning) as I sit here in the Kudzu Grotto (KG) just me and the mice still awake, and I've not heard a peep out of the mice, so they may have turned in also, the images of this Christmas keep running through my minds eye, blurring with ghostly images from Christmases past, both near and far.

The smile I've worn most of the day still feels glued to my face as I picture loved ones, especially the little ones, having a completely joyous time..

From the opening of the first presents early this morning when it was just the wife, Eldest Daughter with husband and Eldest Grandson and I, to the parting this evening after the other children with additional grand children and in-laws had arrived, feasted, unwrapped presents, enjoyed each others company and in general just had a grand ol' time, today has transported me into a time of happiness as I forgot all about cares of the world, politics, war and day to day living in a much changed world from how it was when I was a child myself.

There are some like Fred who, having abandoned the US for the expatriate life in sunny Mexico, (a move I have to confess I have a secret longing to make also due to the generally poor opinion I have of the elite who would have us all bow down to the idol of gubbermint) who delight in pointing out the false God on Consumerism that all to many of our countrymen and women bow down to this time of year. Which worship I confess I have decried many times myself, but then there are those moments which still give me gladness and hope that all is not lost.

Moments like the laughter and giggles of small children as they run to you handing out presents as their parents hand the packages to them and point out who they are to give it too. Which activity I have to admit they seemed to love as much or perhaps even more than receiving their own gifts.

A moment like the one just before the big family feast when every one is asked to gather round as I, head of the family, am expected to ask grace, and young grandson Lee bursts out with the request, "Can I say Grace", and all the adults try to quiet him, but the spirit whispers to me to let him do it, and his simple, humble, heartfelt words touch hearts much more eloquently than anything I could have said, leading to exclamations of joy and awe that remind me of Tiny Tim's words at the end of A Christmas Carol, "And God Bless us,... Everyone". We were indeed blessed by this child.

Much as we were blessed so many years ago by the birth of a small child to a young Jewish girl in a far away land.

Whether you are a believer or not, where ever you are, no matter your situation.....tonight I deem you friend for stopping by and hope that you are blessed.......Everyone of you. I hope you experience joy similar to mine as I hold one of my grand children.

Although this picture was taken at the Thanksgiving/Surprise birthday party for me, it expresses pretty well the joy felt today.


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Jean said...

I'm having flashbacks of my Christmases in Ohio with family.
Thank you for that.
The photo here should be set as an example to everyone everywhere of a perfect view of love and happiness.
Too gorgeous for words.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.
Peace and love to you, my friend.