Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Goat Ropin'

You knew it was going to be bad last night, didn't ya?

PBHO is going to explain his Afghan Adventure, complete with charts and, wait...
he can't watch the teleprompter and point at charts at the same time. There is a reason they don't let him chew gum.

I didn't watch. I'm too freakin' old to subject myself to anything that painful. I feel sorry for the West Point Cadets and their instructors who were forced to sit through the whole thing.

Did anybody think to count the number of times they interrupted him with wild un-controlled applause? They probably had some Major in the corner with a cue card that said, "Applaud". Mostly that's what Majors are good for... following orders whilst keeping their noses firmly implanted in their superiors arse.

Folks, this ain't no way to win a war. Our troops on the cutting edge deserve better.

I'll let you go over to Guyk’s for a better analysis of the situtation. Follow his link to Joan of Arrgh for another. You might also take a look at what the German news source thought of PBHO's speech.

It probably wouldn't bother me quite so much if I hadn't already lived through one such disaster as this has the potential to be. Even more so because I have a nephew scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan next month with 2 of his brothers still in the my 9 year old grandson want's nothing more than an old steel pot type helmet for Christmas so he can play soldier. Maybe by the time he's old enough this country will be led by grownups again. If not and I'm still alive they'll have to cut the handcuffs between me and him to get him into the green meat grinder.

'Cause let me tell you something.... I've been to the rodeo and I've seen all the shit kicking and goat roping before.

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