Monday, December 14, 2009

Watersports & Other Recreational Activities

Warning: This post is so much in opposition to the previous post I caution you not to read it if you have a weak stomach. If you do and are of a sensitive and gentile nature, don't come crying to me if you want to vomit or commit acts of violence upon certain of your leftist neighbors. I tried to warn you.

We've had enough rain here in the Classic City vicinity this year to make walking outside to your truck be considered a watersport of sorts I suppose.....and there might be those whose first thought on seeing the word might think of synchronized swimming, water polo, or even slip sliding down the rocks at Bramblett Shoals where as kids we were thrown into the deep water under our fathers stern guidance.

Ahhh those good old days of long ago... Times change and not always for the better in every instance.

Take for example the things they teach our most precious possessions, our children, in the gubbermint schools these days.....

Things like fisting and pissing on your partner....WTF?? I mean come the hell on here..
...fisting and pissing??

And it was done by the new Czar for Safe Schools appointed by Barrack Huesein Obama (piss be on his name).

Folks we've been traveling down the wrong fork in the road for a goodly number of years now..
...and I realize that I'm getting a little long in the tooth and have a few more gray hairs on my head than in times past.....but I say again.....WTF?? is this how you make sure the school environment is a safe one??

When I was a kid in school the safety issue was taken care of by Principal Britt or one of the teachers......and that was effected by swift and painful application of a good piece of heart pine or oak 1 X 4, oftimes with airholes drilled in it to ensure you got the message that there would be no funny stuff tolerated while you were under their care. And God help you if after administration of the wood to your nether extremities they then called your parents.

I realize that times have changed, but are we really better off having our children taught the vilest possible things in a school setting? I don't think so.

Not unless you have a predilection for stuffing gerbils up your ass.

Just damn

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Jean said...

WTF??? indeed.
Someone needs one of those 2x4s smacked upside their head... multiple times. Damn!