Thursday, December 17, 2009

It wasn't Peking Duck

No......but it was one of Chef Ming's better efforts.

Today being the anniversary of the wife's entry into the light at least 39 years ago, I made an effort to clean up a bit....even shaved and splashed on a little Old Spice after shave, then squired her in the Red Ram to the local Kroger shopping center beside the Home Depot to one of the Classic City's better eating establishments the aforesaid Chef Ming's, where we dined on Shrimp, Scallops and Beef with Oriental Vegatables. Not our everyday fare but a very nice break in the kitchen duties for the wife and a fix for my oriental food jones. Both the location and dish were her choice as I had thought of taking her somewhere to get medium rare cow with baked for her and salad for me, but as it was in her honor, I let her do the choosing.

I've learned a little something in the last few years of marriage. One thing is to let them have their own way every once in a while.

If you ever have a chance to visit Ming's emporium try the Mushroom all time favorite. Go hungry as the portion sizes will be all you could ask for.

A little coolish here in the Classic City today. Once again I failed to notice the frost on the ramp off the back deck and busted my ass......well it was already cracked (groan).

I spent a goodly bit of time in the back yard trying to get some product ready to ship and finally had to admit that time waits for no man and you can't rush some things. Oh well..
..tomorrow is another day and I'll finish by lunch.

I'm working against a deadline since Christmas is next Friday and if I want to be paid for this week's efforts I'll have to ask for a rush processing to get paid by Christmas Eve. It helps that I smile at all the girls working there and they feel sorry for an old man and will take pity on me.

The goat roping in Copenhagen is becoming a farce with most of the third world tin pot dictators taking the opportunity to bash the US and Capitalism while trying to wheedle money out of us. Well.......really they didn't have to wheedle much as Hillary Clinton was there to throw money at them.

I really wish we had a president who had the common sense and cojones to tell those idiots to shut their pie holes and go back home and encourage the free markets in their own country so as to raise the economic standards there instead of bashing us with one hand and holding the other out for some of our generosity. But instead we have a communist wanna be who will make a speech there totally tearing down the Goodness that used to be The United States of America. Wanna bet......any takers?

How's that hope and change working out for you now??

It's enough to make me wish we had a Queen running things. At least she knows how to stretch a shilling.

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