Monday, December 21, 2009

Eviction notices

Having just spent over an hour going over the plan to either get the rent money due the old Grump in the New year or evict the current tenant (much the preferred option) the subject is high on my aggravation list at the moment. This is the third discussion in depth he and I have had about the subject and the result is the same every time. We have our goal, our tactics and logistics mapped out in the most minute detail, accounting for every contingency we can imagine, and I am heartily sick of the subject. Realizing that an eighty-one year old has not so much else to worry about, considering that meals are planned and cooked by the wife with occasional help from yours truly, housekeeping and laundry is taken care of by the wife with minimal interference by yours truly, his health care is taken care of by medicare and private insurance which he pays for out of his ample social security check and pension, his focus can be turned almost entirely to this one aspect of his life. But damn! Just work the plan.

It makes me realize that the current political class which is leading the country further and further away from the Constitution can also be evicted by the real owners of this Republic.

All we have to do is have the will to do it, plan to do it and then use the electoral process against them in the next election.

Things can seem really bad. Lord knows I rant and rave enough about the situation. And believe me the financial ruin the politicians are heaping upon our country can lead to disaster....BUT ONLY if we let them. With a nation of armed Citizens we have in the event everything else fails the ultimate winning hand.

Things have to be done in order. First we show the politicians who is boss and then we'll have to kick out the fraudsters who control the money.

Ron Paul is exactly right. Our elected representatives have sold us out to the fraudsters..
.....but only because we have let them. It's time to educate yourselves, decide on the goal of Freedom, make our plans and then work the plan.

The goals set out by Marcus Tullius Cicero would make a nice place to start.


Borepatch said...

Merry Christmas, kdzu.

kdzu said...

And the same to you my friend. And a Happy and Prosperous New Year.