Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cabin Fever

.....May be a complaint more often heard of in the frozen regions of the artic, but coop up a southern country boy with no way to get out short of slippery suicide on iced over streets with other maniacs and the tension builds to almost intolerable levels very quickly.

Thankfully the weather was sunny enough today and enough other idiots had to get to work, or elswhere, that their combined traffic created just enough warming to thaw narrow tracks on the surface streets that I was able to get to Fedex today. Traffic was thankfully light and most people were keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road that I saw no current accidents, although several people were trying to pull their car or truck out of the ditches.

By this evening it was good enough that a couple of people stopped by to see us. Economic necessity will override common sense most days. Let's just hope that the economic necessities of the nation will not cause an overwhelming loss of common sense in the general population.

While many people speak of the problems, fewer have any workable solutions to put forth. The consequences of the necessary tough actions that must be taken if the Republic is to survive, much less return to thriving health, may lead to an even worse situation when so many find out that their make work jobs have just ended or their grip on the public teat is useless as that dug has withered, dried up and fallen off the skinny breast like a three week old umbilicus cord.

It somehow seems almost appropriate that there are so many vampire movies, tv shows and popular book series these days.

Do vampires ever consider what might happen once they have turned everyone into a blood sucking monster? Do they have the foresight to maintain the herd at maximum health even at the expense of controlling their darker nature?

Does the herd have enough understanding of what is happening to it, and more importantly the will to resist the temptation to submit, or the strength to break the ties that bind them?

Despite the blathering and bleating of pundits port and starboard, tv, radio, print and internet all of them claiming that their vision and version of America is right, do we really understand the problems and their potential outcomes?

Do we even really want to know?

Maybe we don't, maybe like Darwin thought, we really are descended from Monkeys.

A good possibility as Fred Suggests.

You should read and ponder whether any of the things he sees coming can be stopped, or even delayed for very long. I'd personally love to hear any of your ideas. Maybe if enough of us put our heads and hearts together we will be able to create a different tomorrow.

If not...................


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