Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Evening 1/23/11 9:56pm

Finally the week is drawing to a close. I'm ready.

Sunday started out with my left shoulder attacking me at odd times for no apparent reason. WTF (winning the future, Right, thanks presbo) is up with that. I know the rotator cuff is torn, so is the right one, but this would make my knees wobble and stop me in my tracks while I was just walking along.

Monday morning I hie myself down to the local bone popper, Dr. Hooper, Chiropractor, having figured out that if I turned my head to the left and down the pain would shoot to my shoulder. A quick ride on the massage table then a few well considered adjustments to the spinal bones and, voila' no more pains. This was great news since I'm a wimp when it comes to pain.......I mean come on, I take enough central nervous system suppressant to not feel being hit by a train, I don't have to take shoulder pain.

By Tuesday I'm all kinds of disgusted with the noise coming out of the talking boxes and the interwebz. If you are into that sort of thing you can check out Drudge Reports or visit your local leather clad dominatrix student of the school of Marquis de Sade. I'm ready to find 50 or 60 wooded acres with a bubbling brook and go sit myself beside it until the mushroom clouds dissipate from over the major cities or the smoke from the riots blows away.......whichever comes first. Don't bother me, let me listen to the water and the wind in the river cane.

Wednesday I'm wondering if gold is going to fall back to 1980 levels, and the coming financial, job, food, energy holocaust is indefinitely postponed.

Thursday, the ol' Grump needs to go to the emergency since he has swelled up with fluid 'til he can hardly breath and get around. The wife takes care of that while I take care of business, which I was glad of since my favorite thing in the world is to wait around in the hospital emergency room waiting for someone else to be seen.
He is admitted and kept overnight while they try with medicine to get him to take a leak larger that half a teacup. Wife is some stressed and the poor pouch having to stay in the house most of the day totally by himself is near catatonic with distress. His joy when the wife got back home is pure unconditional joy and love.

Friday, the ol' Grump is still no better, maybe a little the worse since he is more disoriented than ever and is afraid the cost of hospitalization will be too much. This from an 82 year old with money in the bank, social insecurity, a county pension which includes insurance in addition to medicare, a supplemental policy for everything else and holds a note on the rental home I bought from him. He ain't got to worry about money, but he does.

And I.....well I found this little item this morning.

1929 100 Lire, issued by The Sovereign State of the Vatican, 90.8% gold with a portrait of the then Pope, Pius XI.

Out of a mintage of 10,000 this one fell into my hands.

1929 was the year my father was born in Birmingham, Alabama. This one is probably a keeper. Researching a coin online will get you more information than you can use sometimes, but the end results are almost always interesting even if the coin has no great value.

Still it may be comforting to meditate upon as I sit in the cane beside the creek.

We'll see what tomorrow and next week bring, if I'm still around and if I feel like it.

Hope your weekend is great. Get off your ass and go somewhere and do something.

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Jean said...

Glad your shoulder is better.

Sometimes alone time is a wonderful respite and sorely needed.

Hope the Grump is getting better.