Friday, January 14, 2011


Noise is, it seems, increasing every day.

Not only the constant ringing in my ears, the one truly constant companion of the last almost 40 years, but the noise of planes, trains, automobiles and especially the noises from all the electronic devices that we have made such a part of our daily lives over the last 100 years.

We've taken the telephone, that I can remember from the late 50's as being a source of irritation because the curious neighbor from up the street would stealthily pick up when she knew it was our ring, to a constant companion that tracks us every where and is answered no matter where one is, whether in the middle of a conversation to the solitude of the toilet facilities.

Radios which once were listened to only in the evening, or perhaps only on Saturday night when the Grand Ol' Opry came on, to a little bud with wires growing out of them to remain in a persons ears 24/7.

You begin to see the trend?

We've become so interconnected, so used to all the information constantly bombarding us that we lose our perspective.

Last weekends shootings in Tuscon, while deplorable, and tragic to the individuals involved who were killed or wounded, distressing to those that witnessed the violence, horrible to those who's loved ones died or were hurt, has become another source of noise, eagerly jumped on by the media who's only existence it seems is to ensure that not a single, breathing human on the planet has not only heard about it, but is to react to it as if it had happened to their family and made to react in ways that someone else wishes them to react.

Way too much noise methinks.

For I, personally, am not so much moved by this latest event. Indeed had I never heard, read, seen any of the reports my life would not, and has not, really been affected.

I mean really, am I supposed to take upon me some additional burden in my life over a shooting in Arizona? Is this supposed to add to some collective angst we must all share in? Am I to bear some responsibility for what happened?

I think not.

Since before recorded history began, I suspect, there have been those, who for what ever reason, have wanted to pick up a stick, or rock, and bash in the head of someone or destroy something, for reasons the rest of us cannot truly imagine.

Perhaps their wiring is faulty.

So..........I shall continue on my way, vigilant to the same degree as I generally am, as oblivious to the same degree as always, trying to get through the day despite the ringing in my ears and the noisome world around me, living for the now, since I'm convinced that none of us are assured tomorrow, much less the next 60 minutes.

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