Wednesday, January 19, 2011


... What do you consider necessities.

Food, water, shelter, transportation (I love my Truck), a source of income that allows you to provide yourself with these things and hopefully a little more.

I could add chocolate (dark) but my body would probably be better off with out it, although my mental state might get a little out of kilter. (Heaven knows I'm not fit to be around most of the time, but deprive me of a source of comfort and I won't be held responsible. Just sayin'......)

From whence cometh this rambling you might ask? Well, you might although there are few enough of you that check in here, statistically we matter less than the gnats bite on an elephants ass.

But as we were riding by the public housing (welfare housing) the other day it was pointed out to me that *..... lived there now along with her off sprung because she is mentally incompetent. This led to me asking, "what purpose does it serve the government to maintain this waste of air and her equally useless youngun,for it too will never be capable of much, at the citizenry's expense"?

The answer came quickly, "They've got to have something to spend the money on".

Well said. But more correctly, the government has to have something to spend the tax money's and the money's they borrow on else how could they stand before us and say, "Look what good use we have made off all that money and beside, you are not having to take care of your own defects and self created problems yourself". Lord knows none of us want to take responsibility for our old, incompetent, burdensome relatives, repeatedly pregnant daughters, drug addled, alcohol besotted, or simply too sorry to work, sons. Do we? Well?

If the government didn't take at least half of everything you earn in some form or other, of which half or more is spent on the bureaucracy administering this clusterf*** do you think that costs of care for these individuals might not be greatly reduced?

Just wondering about the necessity........


US said...

Uncle, I read almost all of your blogs from Google Reader. I do check in, but maybe you can't tell.

kdzu said...

I couldn't see you niece, but I'm glad to know it. I'll add a mental one more to the daily total. One of these days I'm gonna have to check out this google reader thingy. Nah, probably not. I spend way too much time reading blogs and playing free cell.
Hope the climate agrees with you and family way out there in Utah.