Saturday, January 29, 2011

Morning News in the Afternoon

The phone awakened the wife and I around 2:30am. After fighting with, and nearly being strangled by the mask and hose to the CPAP machine I finally made it to the phone before the ol' Grump's nurse hung up.

It seemed the ol' Grump was living up to his nickname and giving the staff at the hospital fits.

Accusing them of trying to rip him off and rob them for his money......the insurance companies were all thieves who weren't sending the checks when they should, how in the hell was he going to pay.......

I dressed and instructed the wife to go back to sleep. (does she listen.......NO)

Arriving at his room I calmed the ol' Grump down and finally got him to lie back and let me pull the cover up over him. It only took 40 minutes or so. I stayed til 6:30 and came back home since I had to make a trip to Cleveland this morning. The wife went to sit with him.

Trying to drain the fluid from him is not working......kidneys shutting down... Dialysis not much of an option...the Doctors about of options......friends and family coming round.

We'll see.

Ya'll pray for the wife.......and the ol' Grump, if so inclined. We'll see how it goes.


Borepatch said...

kdzu, I'm sorry for the stress you and your wife are going through, and the difficulties your Father-in-Law) is going through.

Jean said...

Good thoughts and prayers.

kdzu said...

Thanks guys, Much appreciate the good thoughts.

Grump in good spirits today. I helped him in the shower and got him cleaned up a bit. Not so much disoriented and eating al the attention up. More family coming by today. Mostly our kids and family, since he had cut the ties with the other grandchildren. We
re calling some of the mountain relatives to let them know.
Hospice care in the near future, whether in our home or a facility nearby is not yet certain.