Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still Cold

At least more of the ice and snow melted away yesterday.

I was awakened in bliss as only a grand father can be when the youngest grand daughter shook me and said, "Paw Paw I had a bad dream, tell me a story".

How's that for fearless? To have a bad dream and then expect me to tell a story that will make it all better. Truth be told, I can do that when necessary.

The best thing about stories for the g-daughter is that you just ask what story she wants to tell and she'll give instructions on what it is to be about, who the characters are and what they are to do. Simply follow along and the storyline will be given in great detail.

I did doze off a couple of times there and had to be roused by the question, "Paw Paw, what happened then?"

So the day is off to a bright shiny start. I've eaten my two eggs, (over easy) my bacon (not too crispy, just right) cheese grits (yummy).

Ya'll have a good day. I'm off to play.

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